Re: phenol injection

From: linda (
Wed Oct 7 19:38:20 2009

Thanks for the information. This is the area I have a lot of pain. Is the doctor you're seeing an anesthiologist/pain specialist? I'll be anxious to hear whether the phenol injection works.


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> From: [] On Behalf > Of > Ginger Clark > Sent: Wednesday, September 30, 2009 9:16 PM > To: > Subject: RE: phenol injection > > Thank you Linda for a response to my e-mail. I saw my Dr. yesterday and > had > a long talk with him about the phenol injection. I have rescheduled the > injection for Oct. 21. After speaking with him I understand that my pain > center uses phenol often on patients. The phenol, once injected in the > neuroma will kill the nerve that is causing the pain. That is my > understanding. I have a friend who is a nurse anethest in a local hospital > that I hope will give me more info on this type of treatment. Location of > my scar neuromas are in several places on my stomach- above the > belly-button > to the right flank area. The right flank area is the worst spot with the > pain going around to my side and back. The neuromas are the result of all > my > abdominal surgeries, just like many others on this website. I will keep > you > and others updated if this procedure has positive results. I also have > received many trigger point injections and they help with the inflammation > more than anything. > Blessings, > Ginger

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