phenol injection

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I've never heard of phenol injections in a scar neuroma area. My doctor, also an anesthiologist, wouldn't give me a shot in my stomach. He said he may possibly puncture a vital organ, including the bowel. However, your scar neuroma area may not be in a area where vital organs are located. I'll

be interested in hearing where your scar tissue is located and if the phenol

injections work. Good luck.


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> From: [] On Behalf > Of > Ginger Clark > Sent: Saturday, September 26, 2009 6:36 PM > To: > Subject: phenol injection > > I am wondering if anyone has had phenol injections in a scar neuroma area? > My Dr. at the pain clinic has scheduled me for this type of injection on > Sept. 29 and I am very unsure whether to have it or not. Please send me > any > opinion you may have concerning this type of injection and especially if > you > have had the treatment. > Thanks and God Bless, > Ginger >

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