Re: Living with Adhesions

From: Wendy (
Tue Sep 29 19:50:17 2009

Hello, I have had the same story as everything I have read on this site today. I was malnourished enough to begin having physical problems from it. I could not eat at all for weeks at a time and sometimes could not even drink water or smell food because when anything triggered the paristalsis (movement of colon), I was overcome with pain. However, I found a gastro doctor that while he has not cured my adhesions nor recommended surgery (due to all the reasons all the others have stated), he did change my life with medication. It sounds oversimplified and like it is not going to work which is what I thought at the time, but boy did it work!! The medication is over the counter and is Phillips Milk of Magnesia. He told me that although it is a laxitive, it has NO STIMULANTS and works more like a very strong stool softener by drawing water from your body into your colon. This thins out the stools so that they pass through more easily and routinely so that gas and stool does not build up. He said as much can be taken as needed because it does not absorbe into the body. I started with the chewable ones, 10 per day, which must be taken with water. I have since switched to the liquid which is much stronger, as my adhesions have narrowed my colon significantly more over the last 2 years. I now take 5 tablespoons a day. I am 5'4'' and weigh 130 lbs. I have been on Phillips 6-7 years and they have been as much change from the 10 years before that as daylight and dark. I am now looking at Dr. John Semertzides to consider going to Ohio to have surgery because he is reportedly using a new material to prevent the re-growth of the adhesions. Good luck to you!

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