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Dr. Gerhart, Dr. Redan and Dr. Reich did laparascopic surgery on my adhesions but they returned. Dr. Redan moved to Orlando and I had the surgery again but they still returned. Thankfully, you're one of the fortunate ones that it helped but I'm one that it didn't help. I do believe these doctors are good and I'd recommend them. I'd only go through surgery again IF the doctor had a high success rate and used something to keep adhesions from growing back.

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> My Doctor is Clark Gerhart in Scranton/Wilksa-barre area of Pennsylvania.
> I
> won't let anyone else touch my adhesions except him. It has been almost
> three years since my last adhesions surgery. I'm doing a good 80 plus%
> better, I had seen three surgeons here who wouldn't touch me.
> Unfortunately
> I probobly would have been much better if I'd seen him sooner, if the
> doctors here hadn't frigged with me so long. I am thankful every day that
> I
> found him. He saved my life!!!I wouldn't hesitate to send a loved one to
> him
> to take care of this type of problem. You can contact him through
> Thanks
> And Good luck!!
> Marlene
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>> Subject: Information on Drs.
>> I have been doing research on where (who) has the most recent medical
>> and experience with adhesions and surgery. The more I research the
>> scary it is.
>> I have contacted Dr. Semertsides, Dr. Redan. Still thinking about Dr.
>> Kruschinski. These seem like the Dr's to go to but would like any
>> information good or bad, experiences good or bad, or if there are other
>> Dr.'s. You can e-mail me at

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