From: Christine Petrie (
Thu Sep 24 20:12:26 2009

I have been in and out of hospital with partial bowel obstructions. When I get these I do have little bowel movements- they look like flat bullets.

I am waiting to see the surgeon again and he has given me an xray form in case I feel as though I may be going to obstruct. The last few days I have been in pain on and off but have had some bowel movement.

This morning I feel like the flood gates have opened and I have have passed quite alot. Now I am in terrible pain. I dont know whether to go and have the xray or will this be a waste of time. i will go to my GP if the pain does not go. I dont want to have the xray only to be told that we are not dealing with an obstruction and it is all in my head. I have not taken any laxitive for this this time .

My question is : Can you still have a partial obstruction and have bowel motion which is more than just little flat bullets.

Would like some feed back and help please.

Thanks Christine NZ

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