Re: Kidney pain and endometriosis

From: lisa fowler (
Tue Sep 22 22:28:55 2009

i have had endometriosis for 15 years after the doctor left a piece of placenta in in me after my c section. I have excruciating back pain along with cysts on both ovaries; the right ovary is wrapped around my ureter and attached to the bladderthe left is attached to the bowel and bladder and both have my organs attachedto the abdominal wall. where i live there is no endo specialist, so i also havea diagnosis of mechanical bacl pain because they can't find anyhthing wrong with my back. I'm at my wit's end; i am now disabled.

Any advice you can offer me would be fantastic. How would it feel if my kidneys were bleeding inside. I always suspected the pain was coming from my kidneys but i can't find doctor to investigate. Please write back, i need your help so much please help me


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