Nerve Damage

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Lidocane definitely helps with nerve pain the problem is it wears off. I wish they could find a way to make it long lasting, I will talk with the doctor about lyrica, thank you Donna. I am so sick of putting up with pain. I have pain in my back,neck,legs and my entire abdomen and pelvis but the worst for me is the Groin area.When one area stops another begins Will this ever end so I can enjoy life again. I wish I had the money to go to Germany!!!!!!

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Hi Debbie, Oh, please try a nerve pain killer such as Lyrica.  I had the same problem and now I am 80% pain free.  The doctors start you out on a very small dosage and you will think it's not working.  I looked up information on it and realized I needed over 100% more!  At that it has worked and I am amazed.  Mine, though, is coming from my back.  My adhesions have now been pretty much taken care of with surgery although I keep waiting for them to return it's been just a year now and so far so good.

Regards, Donna

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I have had the worst pain ever right after having a hernia repair,all the nerves in my groin were damaged. My PM doctor has suggested lidocane infusions she said it would possibly help with all my nerve pain I am going today so I will let you know how good it works.                                                                              

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