Admin: Message postings 9/18 - 9/21

From: IAS Admin (
Thu Sep 17 21:14:35 2009

Dear Readers, >From 9/18 - 9/20 there will be no messages posted directly to the IAS online
message board. You can still continue to send messages as they will be forwarded out to those who have Individual or Digest subscriptions set up.

Please note, messages will be updated after 5:00p (central) on 9/21 from this time period.

We ask that you send your message through only once, multiple sends of "why did this not post" only fills up the InBox! Since we manually approve messages, they do not appear automatically to the online Board.

We apologize for the delay in postings and hope you will be patient.

Don't forget, you can search our Archives to obtain more information that has been provided from prior posts. Just always remember to check with your licensed physician before trying any home remedies, medications or other treatments.

Thank you. Tracy IAS Admin

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