Re: lesions attached my uterus to the abdominal wall

From: Michele (
Thu Sep 17 21:07:55 2009

>>Millie, i to have lesions from a c-section, i am now having pain and
>irregular periods, i am thinking it is from the leisons, not sure, i dont
>know what all the complications are from this but i have also had a tubal
so >im not trying to have children just trying to figure out why my body is
>going haywire all of a sudden. its very frustrating to say the least, some
>times i think i am going thru early menopause and im only 38, if u know if
>any of these symptoms are actually from the lesions please let me know, im
>sorry for your pain and can somewhat understand where you are coming from,
>sincerely, Vonda

Hi Vonda, My name is Michele, I am 27yrs old and share a similar story. I have been having VERY severe abdominal pain for a couple yrs now. My DR. just did a laproscopy and discovered that my uterus is attached to abdomen, it is also enlarged, and I was diagnosed with Adenomyosis. My marriage has suffered greatly cause I too have NO sex drive. My DR has recommended a hystorectomy. I'm just very scarred and feel very alone. Look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks, michele

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