need colostomy takedown

From: Diane Legendre (
Tue Sep 15 19:54:53 2009

I had emergency surgery in Oct 2007 for a severe perforated bowel ( 2 seperate) perforations. I had a sigmoid bowel resection with colostomy placement. One week later back to the or for more irrigatin and drainage due to infection. The following year we tried to reconnect but failed and this past January 09 we tried again but to no avail. I was told that reconnection was difficult because of the adhesions present in the abdomen and that the surgeon could not see where he was going. The diverticulitis is gone, I feel good, I just want to be reconnected, but the surgeon I had doesnt seem to be too interested in finding a doctor that can help me.

I have an appointment wiht my gastroenterologist on Oct 5 th to see if he has any suggestions....Is there anyone out there who has had a similar experience ?

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Thank You

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