Re: Adhesions come back months later? (For Emerson)

From: Kris (
Mon Aug 24 21:04:02 2009

They can come back anytime, unfortunately. I had surgery to have them removed in March. I had to have surgery again in May to have my ovary removed (it was discovered during the March surgery that it needed to come out, but they didn't have signed consent so they wouldn't do it when they found it.) The adhesions were back already and were removed again. Believe me, they are back again. I'm seeing a surgeon tomorrow that my GI dr. referred me to. He thinks I should have another surgery to have them removed, but this time have a barrier put in to help prevent them from coming back. I've read mixed results from others on this site. I'm a little leery of doing it. I'll see what he says tomorrow.

>Do people notice adhesions right away or can they come back many months
>It has been 7 months since I had them removed and I can feel them

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