Re: OK, Why am I such a whimp?

From: linda (
Mon Aug 24 21:02:36 2009

No one is a wimp because they take pain medication to help them. It's better to take something to relieve pain than to give up. Each person's body responds differently to pain meds. I've been on the highest dosage of morphine but became immune to it. I've tried most every pain med available (at least what the doctor(s) prescribed). Percocet never seemed to help my pain but my sister said it helps her back pain. How many mgs. of Percocet do you take? Perhaps I didn't take a high enough dosage to help my pain.

Two pain specialists have suggested I get a Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) but

I am reluctant to get it because I had a Morphine Pump once and exhausted a variety of meds. I got the Morphine Pump removed and now I have scar tissue

in the site where it was implanted. It set off alarms at airport and other security check points. I'm suppose to do a trial of the SCS on September 16th. It will take 1 1/2 hours to place the lead wires into my spine. If it works, they will then implant the device which is about the size of a pacemaker.

I'd really like to hear from anyone who has or knows someone with a SCS and whether it does/doesn't help their pain.


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> Subject: OK, Why am I such a whimp?
> I have read a lot of the postings today. It seems I am much whimper
> than all you guys. I take percocet. A LOT of percocet. I was on 9
> pills of oxycotin for years, and my pain started to be "less of a
> pain" I got off of those and took percocet just as needed. Well,
> about 3 months ago, the pain started back and I have to take 2 percocet
> about 2-3 times a day. I never ever feel
> "high". I can drive and do everything, it just takes the pain away or
> lessons it so I can function.
> So why can't I get by with lesser drugs like you all seem to do? I have
> had 4 babies, pushed two out, and had C sections, I know what pain
> is.........
> I am pretty frustrated with myself right now. I don't like myself at
> all.........

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