Re: OK, Why am I such a whimp? A WHIMP?! - SAYS WHO?

From: NY House (
Mon Aug 24 20:58:31 2009

NO WAY are you a whimp! I'm a 235 pound guy and I'm on a HUGE does of Methadone for the pain for about 7 years now.

there's no whimps here - if you can't get out of bed because of the pain... or stand up straight due to pain... or go out to the grocery store or even buy a pair of sox due to pain...

but with your dosage of Percocet you CAN! THAT's the friggin point here! No one can possibly know the depth of anothers pain. or the deal about Others Dealing Better with pain - well I don't know. To me it's simple: If taking pain medication - at the dosage your taking - if that IMPROVES your life on a daily basis.. or for some even gives them BACK THEIR LIFE!

Then what's whimpy about that?!

Giving up completely and calling it all a day, now that's a whimp in my book. sticking it out anyway you need too? - that's living your life under the circumstances. and there's clearly no shame in that. - Jack

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> Sender: (Kristie) > Subject: OK, Why am I such a whimp? > > I have read a lot of the postings today. It seems I am much whimper > than all you guys. I take percocet. A LOT of percocet. I was on 9 > pills of oxycotin for years, and my pain started to be "less of a > pain" I got off of those and took percocet just as needed. Well, > about 3 months ago, the pain started back and I have to take 2 percocet > about 2-3 times a day. I never ever feel > "high". I can drive and do everything, it just takes the pain away or > lessons it so I can function. > So why can't I get by with lesser drugs like you all seem to do? I have > had 4 babies, pushed two out, and had C sections, I know what pain > is......... > I am pretty frustrated with myself right now. I don't like myself at > all......... >

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