adhesions - request for Dr. referral (MI)

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Look up surgeon Dr. Abdelkadar Hawasli.  His office is in St. Clair Shores and he works out of St. John Hospital in Detroit.  Dr. H. pioneered the laparascopic removal of gall bladder and is considered by some to be the guru of laparascopy (not sure if I'm spelling it right).  A surgeon out of Beaumont referred me to him.  I have had about 25 abdominal surgeries and Dr. H has done the last 3.  You may have to wait for an appointment with him, but he is worth the wait.  He specializes in bariatric surgery and I belive is the head of surgery at St. John Hospita.  If you need more information, email me back.

Good Luck!

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Hello I live in Michigan & I need help ! 20 years ago I had some adhesions removed & now they are back and they are causing all kinds of problems! I have been out of work since Feb.  I have seen so many Dr's it is not funny & they have ran so many tests I can't count them.  Two Dr's have said they are adhesions but we can't help you.  Is there anyone who knows of someone who can? Thank you

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