csections, adhesions and surgery

From: Electra (stardustexplorer@yahoo.com)
Sat Aug 22 19:43:53 2009

I am new to this list and hope to get suggestions and feedback from others who are dealing with adhesions. I had an emergency c section surgery almost a year ago. After the surgery it seemed like I was recovering normally, but then a few months ago I started having severe abdominal pain. I could feel lumps on my abdomen and certain movements and wearing certain clothes (like jeans) made the pain worse. I have been to several dr's, tried cold laser therapy with my chiropractor, and tried massage therapy to break the lumps up. The first few people that I met with had no idea what was going on and suggested things such as cysts or fat tissue. Those things shouldn't hurt. Sometimes the pain is worse than other times, but I just can't continue to live like this, it isn't normal and I should be healed by now. It is so frustrating! I really do think I have adhesions and it seems like they are only getting worse with time. I have an appointment to meet with the Dr who did my c-section at the end of the month and I am going to see about the option of surgery to remove the adhesions. My hope is to use massage or other techniques to prevent the growth of extreme scar tissue after this surgery. Am I crazy to think this could help? What other options might I have? Thank you so much to everyone out there. I have scoured the web and really have't found much information.

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