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Fri Aug 21 20:54:30 2009

I'm in the same situation.  I'm 48 and had ulcerative colitis as a teenager.  Had a ileostomy (total colectomy) at the age of 17 and feel exactly the same as Ginger.  I've had approximately 25 abdominal surgeries and my last lysis of adhesions via laparascopy was in April.  I still hurt and I'm naucous alot of the time.  It's a terrible existance. Interestinly, the interest I saw at U of M did a blood test on me a couple years ago that indicated that I had crohn's disease.  After an endoscopy, she said I didn't.  In the past month I read something interesting from one of the posts.  Someone said they had the crohn's disease gene.  I'm now wondering if that blood test wasn't a test for the gene?  Since I was positively diagnosed with ulcerative colitis by pathology when I had the ileostomy, could the fact that I tested positive for crohn's disease recently explain why I'm still so sick?  I wished there was a doctor out there that knew the answer to that.  I've never felt well since my original surgery at the age of 17.  Maybe the ileostomy didn't cure me.  Although my doc couldn't find evidence of crohn's disease, I surely have the symptoms.  I'm sure it's something researchers need to look into.


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I like all suffering with adhesions are having the same issues with eating. As your food goes through the intestine you can feel the pulling and tugging -hurting!!!� I have had my large intestine removed and still have the pain with the small intestine.� Wish I had the answer.� Prayer� to Jesus Christ is my answer for the present time-also praying for wisdom in choosing a surgeon that could help. Blessings, Ginger

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