Re: Abdominal adhesions and swelling

From: Geri (
Wed Aug 19 19:12:50 2009

Hi Kay... I had similiar pain (and not able to move real well or lift anything) doctor called it costaconderitis..(sorry not sure of spelling). (chestwall pain...)

They worried I was having heart attack.. but it was stress and somtimes from doing something physical... I didnt have swelling but I am wondering if the swelling is causing a similar inflamatory reaction....

Hope this is of some help...


>----- Original Message ---- > From: IAS Admin (Tracy) <> > To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> >: (Kay) > Subject: Re: Abdominal adhesions and swelling > > Hello! > > Thank you for your reply and information! > > The pain in my ribs is due to the massive swelling.  i too look around > 6 months preggy with the swelling and it's all located in my upper > abdomin/under ribs.  I've lost around 30 pounds and even my loosest > pants are a bit snug on the waist.  It helps one to feel so > attractive, let me tell you.  LOL In any case, I've had this happen on > and off since about 5 years ago, following my Gall Bladder removal.  > We had thought that with the great pain I was having, that there might > be a stray stone in a bile duct, and voila! Nada.  Years went on without another "attack" > and all was well.  Around Jan or Feb of last year, I was dealing with > some pretty stressful situations, I get this horrible pain in the > center of my chest and then the swelling and band of pain around my > entire chest area for a couple days, then it subsided to just major > pain for a few weeks.  Within that time, I was stubborn to call my dr.  > seeing how we couldn't find anything with the last procedure, and I > refused to call.  then I caved.  Once I called, he was out of town on > vacation for another week, and then I was able to see him about a week > AFTER his return.  I held tight and finally saw him.  He ordered tests > upon tests, had to get to the bottom of it all.  Nothing showed in my > blood work, CTscan, U/

oincidence of > pain with stress.  The pain would last for weeks, nearly 1 month then > stops as if nothing had ever happened.  Right now, I'm on the tail end > of an episode with having more blood work done to rule out anything > going on with my liver or pancreas, and my 2nd CTscan.  All of which, > again, had shown nothing but pure 100% health.  Desperate for pain > management and with him hearing that everything that I've taken on my > own hasn't worked, he sent me home with, Lyrica.  Like everything > else, it helped for about the first day, for 15 minutes.  I forgot to > mention, after my testing last week, he had called me with the > results, and said, "You have mild IBS(have known this for years and no > serious probs with > it) and Adhesions.  Once I did my research, it all clicked in my head. > He then prescribed a high fiber diet, no dairy of any sort, and no > carrots or apples.  I followed his diet plan for a few days, the pain > remained, and gradually got worse. > > So sorry for that horrible "paragraph" ^^ haha > > So, here I am, trying to get to the bottom of things and desperate for > answers.  I have a 3 year old son that understands pretty well that > mommy is sicky in her tummy, and it just kills me to be so attached to > the couch and not being able to pick him up.  He's the sweetes > though,...  he gives mommy "magical kisses" on my tummy and tells me > to feel better.  :) If I lift anything with any sort of weight, I'm > thrown into an episode. > > Also, I've come close to vomitting, though I show no bundling or > anything wrong with my intestines.  Before I realized that I should be > eating very small portions at a turtle's pace, I would find myself > eating a regular portioned meal, then all of a sudden, finding myself > feeling food slowly come up into my throat, and being full for the > rest of the day.  Get constipated, then finally having a movement that > would then turn into yuck.  So, right now, I'm happy with apple sauce > and graham crackers with water.  Lots a

17th, at 11:30.  I'm axious to see what he > says.  I have my trust in him, he's excellent at what he does.  I just > happen to be the patient that gives him a run for his money, and tests > everything he has learned.  I have a feeling that the next step might > be to go in to see the severity of adhesions, if indeed that is what it is. > I also know that it's a double edged sword going in like that as > that's what got me here. > > Again, Thank you. > > -Kay > > At Wed, 12 Aug 2009, IAS Admin  wrote: > > > >From: [] On > >Behalf Of HERB F DIXON > >Sent: Tuesday, August 11, 2009 9:06 PM > >To: > >Subject: Re: Abdominal adhesions and swelling > > > >How long have you been dealing with swelling? Exactly where is the > swelling? > >I have Gastroparesis, I swell up and at times I look about 6 months > >pregnant. The last time it was really BAD, I tried the new Blueberry > squares > >cereal. Within 1/2 hour I was so huge! Couldn't button, or zip my > >pants closed, my shirt was sucked in and stuck like glue, very > >attractive!

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