Re: adhesions

From: Tammie (
Mon Aug 17 19:12:25 2009

At Tue, 11 Aug 2009, sindy wrote: >
>Hello I live in Michigan & I need help !
>20 years ago I had some adhesions removed & now they are back and they
>are causing all kinds of problems! I have been out of work since Feb. I
>have seen so many Dr's it is not funny & they have ran so many tests I
>can't count them. Two Dr's have said they are adhesions but we can't
>help you. Is there anyone who knows of someone who can? Thank you

Have you been to see a specialist that specializes in this. I was desperate also and my gynegologist sent me to see Dr. Bruce Lessie in Greenville, SC. He is going to help me I will be having him and two other Doctors on stand by so I feel much relief for my last was a mess. You know that there is center in Florida that they talk about on the society web page and that might be something you might want to look into. You could also get them to refer you to a general surgeon, he helped me find this specialist and I am so greatful to him. I will say a big prayer for you but don't quit trying you have to call them everyday and pratically tell them you can't take it anymore.

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