Doctor Referel in W. Pennsylvania ... anyone ?

From: Kim Slater (
Wed Aug 12 18:56:10 2009

I have had problems with adhesion for several years now. Three years ago I believed a doctor when he told me that if he did a Total Hysterectomy and a Adhesion Lysis (10/06) and got them all that I'd have no more problems. Stupid me ... For approx. 6 months I was pain free .. then they started to come back with a vengeance. Well in July 07 I went to see a different Dr., he did a Laprascopy with the intention of doing a Lysis . He looked inside and closed me right back up. He told me that I was a complete mess and that there was nothing he could do. I went to 4 different surgeons (one actually told me that adhesions don't cause pain, it was all in my head !) and they all turned me away. I tried going to a pain management clinic, that was a joke ! My last appt. with them I took my husband to explain what it was like living with me in such pain ... The Dr. seemed pissed that my hubby was there and told me that I needed to find another Dr.. He also said that he didn't know anything about adhesions. I ask him then why did you waste 6 months of my time when I could of been trying to find a Dr that did?! I now drive 2 hours (110miles) each way, once a month to see my old family Dr who is treating me for the pain. I take Ms Contin 45mg 2x a day + Vicodin 10/650 for breakthrough pain. The problem being my Dr is going to retire next year and then I'm going to be screwed ! As the year is winding down I'm getting antsy ... If anyone knows of a surgeon willing to operate that'd be awesome ! I'm to the point that I'd go every year for surgery if it meant a few pain free months ! Or even a doctor just willing to treat the pain would be great ! Any suggestions ?

Thank You.

Respectfully, Kim Slater Vowinckel, PA.

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