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 I am so sorry to hear about all that you have gone through, and are still going through. Adhesions are such a horrible illness. I have been through a lot myself, and then some. My Gastro diagnosed me with adhesions back in 2003, when after a sigmoid resection ( 12 in. of my colon removed from diverticulosis ) I was still having awful pain. My husband feels it really started back in 1994 when I really started having female problems. I had a hysterectomy in 1995. 11 surgeries later, I still have them! I have never dealt with pain in my tailbone except when I sat in my recliner for 24/7 a few years ago. It ached and hurt horribly plus I had lost so much weight that the bone stuck out I believe from all of the times I fell on it. I also deal with IBS and when it flairs up I have horrible cramping across my lower back aching into my buns, and down my legs. Did you ask your Doc that did your surgeries for a suggestion or referral to another doc that could help you since he no longer can help you? I don't know a lot about endometriosis, but shouldn't it be gone after your surgeries from the removal of female parts? Is there a Health University where you live? I know so many gals have had great luck with some of the docs that they have mentioned on this website. I have written to 2 of them. Dr. Semertsides (sp?) was very interested since I have also been to Germany and had Spray Gel adhesion barrier used on me in Apr. 2005. I had an injury 7 weeks post op, returned to work 4 weeks too early, fell again in 2006, both times I really did damage to my abdomen, and then after having my gallbladder out in Feb. 2007, that was it! I had them return with a vengence. I quit work back in June 2007. I am now on SSD, and my Ins. Medicare will finally go into effect this coming Dec. I have really avoided seeing my family doc. and my Gastro. 2 weeks ago my episode was one of the worst ever! I had to go in for non-contrast, and contrast Scans. $1300.00 later, they found nothing. So again my Gastro wants me to go to OHSU for a Celious Plexis Block, and also go to a pain clinic here in Salem. I have to admit that when the docs on line that I have written to write me right back asking for my history, I chicken out, and do not write to them again. I am very apprehensive, and afraid, especially of more surgeries. We all know for a fact that CT scans, and MRI's do not show adhesions, they have to open us up to find them. Just keep in touch with everyone on this site, they are all so helpful, and offer great advice, and some have been healed, or close enough to it. Call around to Dr's offices and ask if there is anyone that can help with adhesions. Good luck, hang in there! Cheryl I don't know how quickly adhesions grow or spread, but I do know that they can start forming within 72 hours of an abdominal surgery. My Gastro is much more helpful than my family Doc. He does have other adhesion patients, but, lucky me, he said my case is very rare compared to the others.

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> I am 38 and I had been having periods every 2 weeks for 2+ years. I
> traveled far to seek help and in the end after trying everything to stop
> this pain I had a total abdominal hysteretomy ovarys removed Feb 09
> biopsy said endometriosis and adenomyiosis, Laproscopy Jan. 09, and I
> just had a Laparoscopy just about 2 weeks ago. During my first lap my
> Dr found adhesions and decided to remove them. After my hysterectomy
> which was a month before my lap there were more adhesions! He didnt
> remove them at that time. I had a hard recovery after my hysteretomy. I
> went back in at my 6 week check up still having pain on my lower right
> side and left side. He said there was nothing more he could do so after
> a couple months I started looking for another Dr that specialized in
> endo since mine cant bee visibly seen. thats when he did the lap on me
> and removed more adhesions. I wont know the results from the biopsy
> till I go back in for a check up post op. I still feel like I have
> adhesions. I think they are growing back again cause the pain is still
> the same. I also have tail bone pain and it doesnt stop. I have had 2
> MRI's the last one was a month ago and they did a complete mri of my
> entire back and everything came back unremarkable. has anyone had the
> lower back pain(tail bone area) along with adhesions? How fast can
> adhesions grow? Is there anything I can do to reduce them from growing
> so fast? I am trying to get back to work again but these adhesions keep
> pulling and when I move, stand up, bend over or put any pressure on my
> stomach it hurts so bad! Please..any help or advice would be great. I'm
> at my wits end. is there a certain Dr I should be going to? what
> specialist should I be seeing?..thank you all

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