Fed up with Doctors

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Hi To ALL, I am sorry I haven't posted in a while I have to report that I mentioned lido cane infusions my first 1 didn't produce any results my second one did however it was short lived four days of relief in my groin.  I pray I can get more relief from the next one, I was able to stand up and walk around all 4 days with out ice and without crying! Because I was able to move around so much it benefited my ability to have a bowel movement, and all of us that have trouble moving are bowels Know how important that is.I have been nauseous for over a month and that scares me, because also with that I am swelling up my belly is distended like always and I am gaining weight. I really didn't want to go to the ER but at the request of my pain management Doctor i did. I waited 9 hours to be seen and spent a total of 12 hours at the ER. I was told to get a cat scan by my pm doctor at least, well the er doctor was just out of diapers so you can imagine how that went I agreed that it would most likely show nothing but I needed to follow my PM doctors wishes after a brief argument he gave in and said ( and I quote) OK we Will order the dam scan. this is what the scan found, a minimal air containing hernia at the umbilicus, a stable structure of unknown etiology at the region of the inguinal ligament. I have to say I have had several scans in the last three years and they could never pick up my other hernias or the tear I had in my small bowel, so I am still uncertain that there isn't more to the picture Like ADHESION'S, tears or more hernias!!! So being with out insurance I will never go to the ER again unless i am throwing up and am unable to have a bowel movement for several days! I know this disease is a battle but if we give in then it wins, and we all need to keep fighting we are all worth it and we need to never give up, because one day the answer will come, I am sure of that ! keep the FAITH all. My next lido cane is the 29Th I will let you know how it goes. Remember rest if you must but don't quit, we need to stay strong and figure this out if not for us, then for are children or grandchildren. MAY THEY NEVER SUFFER this cunning disease oh adhesions!!!  

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I wrote last week about my Drs.  office not returning my call when I called in last Wed.  I was fortunate that my Gastro's office did.  Now just waiting for results.  My family Doc called me back yesterday A.M.(Mon.) Asked what was going on.  I am sooo frustrated that he says, "You know we just don't know what's wrong with you" That discourages me so much and makes me feel like he thinks I am making all of this up and I am a liar.  I am finally getting off the stick to find another family Doc.  I want someone who believes in me, cares about me, my health and well being.  With each episode my pain increases more and more, even my nausea his increased.  I feel the only people that believe in me are my Husband, sons, friends (some of them) and some family.  The only people that really see me go through an full blown episode understand.  Then of course all of you on this website that write back and offer advice, kindness and caring we are all in the same boat. 

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