Adhesions or nerve damage

From: Desirae (
Tue Jun 30 22:28:20 2009

Hello I have been following this website since I started having pain. I had emergency surgery in December of 2007 because of an ovarian torsion. My left ovary has twisted and had to be removed. I had two dermoid cysts one on each ovary. They removed the cyst from the remaining ovary but had to take part of the ovary. About three months after the surgery I began to have severe pain in my pelvic area. It took months for them to figure out my pelvic muscles were messed up and even more months for them to finally admit that there was something else going on inside me. I have a dermoid cyst growing on my remaining ovary but other than that the tests don't show any other abnormalities. I did physical therapy for 5 months, trigger point injections, accupuncture and more. I am currently on Norco at least 3 times a day and I am taking neurontin 1500 mg a day and I still have pain. Recently I have been visiting a pain specialist who says it is mostly nerve damage but I know I must have some adhesions causing the pain. Well after more than a year of pain and switching OBGYN's at least 4 times, I finally convinced them to do a laparoscopy to remove the cyst and look around for adhesions and take care of them. During this whole time I keep doubting that they will find anything and I will have to live with this pain the rest of my life. It is so disrupting to my life. I am 30 years old with no children and I could possibly lose my remaining ovary. Everyday is like a roller coaster of pain. Getting to work every day is a challenge. My whole world changed when I started having chronic pain. The worse part is that no one understands. There has been no diagnosis except for the cyst so I have no explanation for anyone. I can't say it is adhesions because I don't know. I am so unsure of everything. I am hoping this surgery, on August 11th, will at least give me some answers. Thanks for having this website and giving people with pain some hope in an otherwise hopeless situation.


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