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Caryn, You are so far the only person that has said they have has the Celious Plexis Block. What is it? How is it used, how long did it help? Or did it help at all? That is my next step. I am suppose to have ins. starting this month, don't know what has happened, so I have to get on the phone. I have had Intercostal nerve blocks 4 times. They did not help, actually seemed to increase the pain. You say that you are thinking about getting one of the visceral nerves cut but, the drawback would be not knowing if you were having a Heart attack, bowel blockage etc. There are other ways to tell when something is going wrong with your body, heart, bowels etc. I am very interested in this procedure. Imagine no more PAIN, pain meds,having a Normal life, sleeping through the night, actually being able to attend functions and not canceling the last minute, I could go on and on..I am excited for you, and hope that your visit goes well. Let me know how your Dr. app't goes.  Good luck,Take care, Cheryl D. One more question? Can having the nerve cut cause phantom nerve pain? Like when someone looses a limb? I have been telling my husband about you as I am writing and that is his question. Thanks :)   ________________________________________ Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 19:09:12 -0500 ________________________________________ From: To: Subject: Re: Adhesions & Pain My doctor is Abdelkadar Hawasli.  His office is in St. Clair Shores, MI and he operates out of St. John Hospital in Detroit.   He told me I'd most likely be back for more lysis of adhesions because my body produces so many.   I do have a glimpse of hope though.  Over the years I've been twice to two different pain clinics.  They tried the usual celius plexus block and something else, but it didn't do any good.  Finally one of the doctors there told me the real fix for me was have one of my visceral nerves cut so that I wouldn't feel any pain from my insides.  He implied it was borderline unethical and that I would have a hard time finding a doctor to do it since I wouldn't know if I were to have a heart attack or bowel obstruction.   Well I brought this up to Dr. Hawasli and he's sending me to a thorasic surgeon who does robotic surgery and told me to tell him that he would operate with him to cut my splanatic (or sympathic) nerve.  He did tell me the criteria is high for such a procedure, but he is willing.  He even personally spoke to the thorasic surgeon so he knows all about me.  My appointment is June 12th.  I'm hopeful they have something to offer me.  This is something I've waited for all my life.    Wish me luck!


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I certainly believe adhesions are causing the horrible pain I have throughout my abdomen.   Since they press/wrap around nerves and vital organs/intestines, in my estimation they're definitely causing the pain.  I know if I didn't have adhesions I wouldn't have all this excruciating pain.  Dr. Redan gave me a video of the surgery he did on me; however, the adhesions reformed.   I've misplaced my video or left it with a doctor...I don't know which.    Who did your surgery?  How are you doing?  I hope the lysing of the adhesion helps stop your pain. 

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