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Wed Jun 3 19:06:46 2009

My doctor is Abdelkadar Hawasli.  His office is in St. Clair Shores, MI and he operates out of St. John Hospital in Detroit.

He told me I'd most likely be back for more lysis of adhesions because my body produces so many.

I do have a glimpse of hope though.  Over the years I've been twice to two different pain clinics.  They tried the usual celius plexus block and something else, but it didn't do any good.  Finally one of the doctors there told me the real fix for me was have one of my visceral nerves cut so that I wouldn't feel any pain from my insides.  He implied it was borderline unethical and that I would have a hard time finding a doctor to do it since I wouldn't know if I were to have a heart attack or bowel obstruction.

Well I brought this up to Dr. Hawasli and he's sending me to a thorasic surgeon who does robotic surgery and told me to tell him that he would operate with him to cut my splanatic (or sympathic) nerve.  He did tell me the criteria is high for such a procedure, but he is willing.  He even personally spoke to the thorasic surgeon so he knows all about me.  My appointment is June 12th.  I'm hopeful they have something to offer me.  This is something I've waited for all my life. 

Wish me luck!


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Myself never had pain until adhesions!

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I certainly believe adhesions are causing the horrible pain I have throughout my abdomen.   Since they press/wrap around nerves and vital organs/intestines, in my estimation they're definitely causing the pain.  I know if I didn't have adhesions I wouldn't have all this excruciating pain.  Dr. Redan gave me a video of the surgery he did on me; however, the adhesions reformed.   I've misplaced my video or left it with a doctor...I don't know which.    Who did your surgery?  How are you doing?  I hope the lysing of the adhesion helps stop your pain. 

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I totally disagree.  I know adhesions do cause pain.  I've had about 6 hernia repairs and I swore up and down that the hernia was back again and when my doc did laprascopic surgery it turned out that it was a great big,

long adhesion.  I even saw the picture of it before he cut it down. 
Adhesions can and do cause pain.  Don't let anyone tell you different!

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Adhesions themselves do not cause pain but when they are dense, they "glue" your intestines together or to your stomach wall. They get on organs and constrict.  I can feel my intestines pulling way down in the vaginal area. I am supposed to get a Morphine Pump.  Would you recommend it?  

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Cheryll, I haven't yet gone to Dr. Cook but I like what he says he can do for people with adhesions.  His website is:  He explains the different kinds of adhesions and the procedure he uses to remove the adhesions that are actually causing the pain.  He does the procedure laparoscopically while the patient is awake.  I'm no doctor so I don't know how he can do it while one is awake.  In any event, I did speak to one of his staff who was very informative.  She said Dr. Cook is a very compassionate man and wants to help those of us who are suffering with painful adhesions.

We both have had surgery with what we believed to be the best Laparoscopic Adhesiolysis doctors there are.  The doctor in Germany comes highly recommended and I've read some reports on this site that were very favorable of him.  Patients who finally got relief from the adhesions causing their pain but you say you've gone twice and are still in pain.  So, who do we believe?  I wish I had an answer because my life is slowing slipping away and I'm having to live every day with pain.  I've even had a morphine pump but exhausted every medication the doctor could use and became immune to them so I had it removed.  Injections in the spine don't work.  A hot whirlpool feels good but who can stay in one indefinitely.  My pain specialist will only give me 3 Lorcet 10/650 mg. per day.  The little relief it gives only lasts a few hours and sometimes I get absolutely no relief from them.  I need a compassionate pain specialist who believes me when I say I am excruciating pain.  Many pain specialist treat you're a drug addict.  I believe Marinol may help us but alas, it is only for those dying of cancer.  Well, we are dying with horrific pain!  There's also a drug one can suck like a lollipop which, according to my physical therapist at Mayo, ACTIQ, is the best pain med.  It is also reserved for only terminal cancer patients.  I don't know about you, but I feel like I have a terminal problem.  At least, I feel like I'm dying sometimes.

I had a doctor tell me that it's not the adhesions that cause the pain but rather that they are pressing or entrapping nerves.  If we could just get rid of the adhesions that are responsible for the nerve pain, we could lead a normal life again.  I can't afford to travel to Los Angeles, California unless I could get an Angel Flight and a place to stay while there.  I believe I would be afraid to travel across the Rocky Mountains on a small Cessna.  It was scarey just flying to Pennsylvania in a small plane with just me and the pilot on one of the airplanes.  The pilots volunteer their services to Angel Flight to transport patients who cannot afford to travel over 100 miles for medical help.  You might want to visit their website. They are located in Orlando, Florida.  The pilots want to keep up their required flight hours.  They are retired, experienced pilots probably like the Pilot Skully who was able to land on the Hudson River.

Where do you live?  I live in Jacksonville, FL.  I've had two unsuccessful lysing of adhesions performed by Dr. Reich, Dr. Redan and Dr. Gerhart who all practiced together and I believe are tops in the Laparoscopic Adhesiolysis field.  However, the adhesions returned because there was no barrier used.  Dr. Redan may have used some Interceed the second surgery I had but I really don't recall but anyhow, they returned with a vengeance. My entire abdomen feels like one big charley horse.  The pain is so excruciating at times I just lie in bed in a fetal position with a heating pad, crying my heart out and praying the Lord will heal me of this horrific pain.  No one knows how much we suffer with this problem unless they live with it like we do day in and day out.  It seems we can't look forward to anything with joy because each day is like the last, we try to get the pain under control enough that we can do something.  This is no way for a person to live and I truly believe there is an answer to our problem somewhere out there in this great big Universe God made.  If there is anyone out there who has been healed from this problem, please let those of us who are suffering know where the answer can be found.  I believe in God's healing power but I also believe he gave us good doctors who care and are able to help us.

I hope this information has helped in some way and that you will be able to get relief from your pain.

Take care and May God Bless You.


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