Nerve Damage

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Hi Annmarie, i'm so sorry to hear you're still in pain - i've followed your messages now and again over the months as i think you are in the uk too ? where  i'm struggling so much to find drs who listen. I'm 41 now and have had major abdo adhesions for 15 years now and  in the last year they have caused small bowel obs.  I hope things ease up for you because you've been so brave.   I  have stuck with  a course of acupuncture and herbs now for abdominal and pelvic adhesions together with fibromyalgic/m.e type problems  because i have been putting surgery off as i have very young children... After getting no help for so many years apart from 'anti depressants' for my pain from so many drs, I turned desperately to tcm 2 years ago. It might be that the two problems above are related in that i was not getting and still am not getting enough nutrition through the adhesions and non absorbsion and am now becoming aneamic. Over the years weekly acupuncture and acupressure/deep massage and sometimes herbs to aid sluggish digestion has been my only salvage.  I'm still considering having similar surgery to you but my chinese traditional dr told me that if i do,  I should see him after surgery to help with this difficult phase and so as to avoid possibility of reformation. Obviously each dr's different and you have to find one who is professional, honest and experienced and these are limited over here in the midlands.  I don't know anything about the problem your dr says you now have but this tcm dr said he thinks i have had some nerve damage too in my arms and legs and with their methods they do seem to try and treat this and many other problems I have had. I think their philosophy is that they treat the whole body as a whole and a lot of our body is linked to the core digestive area. Don't give up  with your current dr to give you an answer to what you have and to resolve your problem quickly - often the pain consultants will prescribe some treatment or medication to help you cope better with an on-going problem. But you need to get stronger and recover first, so if you are able, dont' rule out thinking or talking to someone expert in  healing with tcm  to help you along -even to read about sometimes helps me pick up! Wish you all the very best, Nisha  

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