Adhesions and Ovarian Cysts

From: Kate (
Thu Nov 6 08:18:07 2008

I am a 35 year old woman, with a long history of ob/gyn problems: G9,P3,PT1,AB6,LC2. Several early MC, one 19 week MC (incompetent cervix), One PT delivery (23 weeks gestation, chorioamnionitis). For the last several years, I've experienced excrutiating pain from ovarian cysts - mostly on the left side. In 2006, I had a c-section at 23 weeks, transverse skin incision, with classical uterine incision. Three days post-op, I developed a temp of 104, and was re-admitted to the hospital under the diagnosis of endometritis. I was given triple therapy for about 36 hours and released after being afebrile for 24 hours. Seven weeks post-op, I was again admitted with large abdominal abscesses. I was treated with Vanc, Gent, Clindamycin, Ampicillin and Flagyl to no avail. I ended up having a laparaotomy 6 days after admission, because of dehiscence of my c-section scar, with copious brown, bloody drainage. I believe the surgery took 5 hours - and ended with the removal of 3 abscesses, along with my right fallopian tube, for necrosis. In 2008, I began to have several symptoms - diarrhea alternating with constipation, pain with bowel movements, pain with urination, and generalized abdmoninal pain, as well as a 6cm ovarian cyst. I was referred to a laparascopic surgeon for suspected adhesions. Six months after the onset of symptoms, I had the laparascopic lysis of adhesions. It took the surgeons 2.5 hours to lyse down to visualize my left falloian tube and uterus. The surgeon said it looked as if a bomb went off inside my abdomen because of the extensive adhsions. They found my left fallopian tube was dilated and adhered to my intestines (and gave me a 2% chance of ever conceiving again). The surgery went well, and I was basically pain free for several weeks. Then, in August (surgery was in June), I began having the cyst pain again. The pain has only escalated since then - along with the cyst pain, I am also having the same pains as I did with the adhesions. The pain extends from my groin up to my ribs. It hurts to stand straight up, and upon movement. I asked my doctor about removing my left ovary (the one that is causing me pain with cysts), but she only said if I had that removed, the right ovary would start with the cysts, and recommends a total hysterectomy. She refuses to do the surgery because of the history of adhesions, and said she would refer me to the same surgeon that did the adhesiolysis in June. Well, that was in late August, and I've yet to hear from her about an appointment. She prescribed me Percocet 10/325 for the pain - which doesn't even make the pain tolerable anymore. I'm beginning to get frustrated, sometimes to the point of suicidal thoughts. I want to be free of the pain, but I feel like I am bothering my doctor if I call and ask about the referral. I've considered consulting a new ob/gyn, but the problem with that is, they won't be familiar with my history. I have a very high intolerance to pain medication - not because of over use, but that's just the way my body has always been. I also have a high pain tolerance, which allows me to work even though I am in pain. The problem is, the pain is worsening, and I am no longer getting pain relief with the percocet. I would welcome a hysterectomy via laparotomy with the insertion of adhesion barriers at this point. The only problem is getting a doctor who will perform the surgery. I did consult a doctor before my regular ob/gyn, who said he would do a TAH, but wanted to do a vertical abdominal incision, which is something I'd like to avoid. I am getting so frustrated with the lack of concern about this problem. What the doctors aren't realizing is, I am in almost constant pain, and it is interfering with every aspect of my life - I find it hard to concentrate in school, get agitated when I'm in pain and end up hurting others feelings (including my understanding husband and children), I can not have enjoyable sex, or exercise...Any information or suggestions would be most appreciated.


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