I really need help new in here............

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Drema, Sounds like you are possibly struggling with adhesions.  Adhesions do cause gas, constipation, pain. You could possibly tell your dr. that you would like to go to a pain specialist.  If you find a good one, they can help you with the bowel problems and the pain.  Most of us have to take narcotics which we would rather not take but....hang in there.

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Hi Im 40 yrs old and live in Kentucky.  I had a hysterectomy in 2000.  I have so much pain and have tried everything.  The doctor did lapo surgery in April of this year and said it was a mess in there with endro adhesions everywhere and bowels are wrapped around my ovaries.  The doctor said he did not what to do anymore surgery because it would just make more come and said it would be a very risky surgery.  I have servere amount of gas from the time I get up til I go to bed and my stomach is like it is swelling I cant eat anything I feel like I get full so fast having alot of trouble going to the bathroom.  Can someone please tell me if all this is coming from the adhesions? Will they cause all this gas? I try gas pills seems like it makes it worse.  My legs kills me all the time is that from it to? All the doctors around here will give me is 50mg Ultram I take 2 at a time 2 times a day and no help at all.  Are they anything I can do that might help me.  I hope someone here can help me.  I have bad thoughts all the time because I am so tired of living like this. Thanks Drema

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