Re: Is there any help for me?

From: Alta (
Sat Aug 30 21:58:52 2008


I had the same thing happen and it had cyst growing on it. Because of all the adhesions parts of the ovary can be caught or hidden in the adhesions. Even if the doctor thinks he has all the ovary he may not. The ovary can grow back making it viable again. (We checked out doing IVF again but did not.) I had doctors think I was crazy because I kept saying it felt the same way it did when I had cysts. You are lucky that the doctor found it. I know what you mean about ER and doctors. We are all just seeking relief and answers.

Good luck Alta

At Wed, 13 Aug 2008, reba72 wrote: >
>At Fri, 1 Aug 2008, Jenny wrote:
>>>I have had numerous surgeries for cysts, masses, and adhesions. And of
>>>cource that just makes the situation worse. So now 11 years after my
>>>left ovary and tube were removed they are telling me that I have a left
>>>ovary. how is that possible? I dont understand. I just had surgery in
>>>october of 2007 and they removed moore adhesions but the pain is back.
>>>Everytime I end up in the ER they treat me like a drug seeker.Some one
>>>please help me.

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