Can this happen again so soon?

From: Dina (
Sat Aug 30 21:53:14 2008

I just found this websight, and am looking for help, advice, doctors...something. My daughter who is 18, had an ovary and appendix removed when she was 2. At about the age of 8, she had abdominal pain and gastro-intestinal issues. After weekly visits to the doctor, me pleading with them to find something, they said it was in her head, and sent us on to the Pyschiatrist. She was put on anti-anxiety meds, which never worked. She has suffered through High School, missing so many days that despite medical records and doctors notes, I had the truency officers knocking on my door. Needless to say, she didn't graduate, and proceeded to get her GED. She and I are so fed up with being stuck between Doctors, who's easy answer is to keep her on pain meds. But you can't function without the meds, and do not function properly on the meds. In March 2007 again, another ER visit, and an ultrasound that they thought had no blood flow to the ovary, so she went into emergency surgery. Only to find out the ovary was fine, but she was filled with adhesions. Once removed....she felt great!. No nausea, vomiting, no abdominal/pelvic pain at all. Lucky for her, that they made a mistake on the ultrasound reading otherwise, this would have never been found. This May 2008 she had the surgery again. (after numerous tests of course) This surgery always seems to be the last resort as an exploratory surgery. Again...she was filled with adhesions. She feels that if once a year, this has to be repeated, it is worth it.Could this happen again so soon? Is there some sort of preventative that a general surgeon can take? She lost a job, because of the amount of time out, she can't function normally on a day to day basis. It effects evrything she does. Can we stop this from spreading?Please advise.

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