Being Judged by others-Is our pain real?

From: Donna (
Sat Aug 30 21:52:38 2008

Do you ever feel as though others do not believe your pain is real? I haven't posted here for awhile & I'm sure my story is very similar to many of you here. I am getting ready for my 10th surgery. My last one was in October of 2007, I am very grateful for the last 10 months. I actually feel as though I have lead a somewhat normal life. Prior to my last surgery I had lost 30lbs & suffered numerous bowel obstructions, I have managed to gain back some of my weight and actually look like a 45 yr. old women again instead of a teenager. But the pain is back & the adhesions are growing again, this time on the opposite side of my abdomen, they are affecting my kidney function.

I am so tired of people saying "well there has to be another way of dealing with this"...if there is tell me how! Do you think I enjoy having surgery, do you think I enjoy weeks of painful recovery? Do you think there is a magic pill out there that will make these just disappear? Changing your diet doesn't work-massage therapy doesn't work-medications don't work. Please if you think you are so smart, give me the answers!

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