Re: Is there any help for me?

From: reba72 (
Wed Aug 13 12:47:50 2008

At Fri, 1 Aug 2008, Jenny wrote: >>
>>I have had numerous surgeries for cysts, masses, and adhesions. And of
>>cource that just makes the situation worse. So now 11 years after my
>>left ovary and tube were removed they are telling me that I have a left
>>ovary. how is that possible? I dont understand. I just had surgery in
>>october of 2007 and they removed moore adhesions but the pain is back.
>>Everytime I end up in the ER they treat me like a drug seeker.Some one
>>please help me.
>Hi Reba,
>I too had the same problem. I had many surgeries for pain from ovarian
>cysts and Stage 4 Endomitriosis -- this then turned into major adhesion
>problems!! I had my ovary removed and tube and in 3 months it "grew"
>back. I was in extreme pain - so I went to the Dr., who then sent me to
>the ER, they did a CT Scan and saw the ovarian cyst. I thought the Dr.
>had the wrong persons results, and made him go and check to make sure
>that he had my info!! :) As it turned out it is called ovarian remnant
>syndrome. A piece of the ovary can be left behind (especially those of
>us who have adhesions!!!) Then because you still have estregen being
>produced, it stimulates the left over ovarian tissue to start to grow
>again. I ended up having another major surgery to have that removed and
>all the adhesions that grew back.... My pain has come back sometimes
>right away, sometimes within 3 months. I wish you the best of luck.
>Keep an eye on the ovary, it could develop cysts and be causing you the
>pain!!! I would suggest seeking an experience surgeon that deals with
>ovarian cysts and laparscopic, if possible -- and if you can someone who
>has dealt with adhesions. The ER can be a great place for relief, but
>also frightening if they treat you as a drug seeker, I have seen my
>share of both. Find another hospital, if possible. It may be worth a
>little extra drive for more understanding people.
>God Bless and Good luck!!! Feel free to email me if I can help you!!!

Thank you for your reply. I know exactly what tyou are talking about with ovarian remnant syndrome. It was suposedly removed in march 06 then again in oct 07. Here it is aug. and yet again I need surgery. Does it ever end. And why is the hospital that did all of theese surgeries the ones saying that I,m drug seeking? dont they ever look up the info you give them?

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