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Hey everyone,

I just saw my new doc a few days ago. She is awesome! She listened to me and really heard what I was saying. From reading all these posts, I here some common themes. First, that many have upper right abdominal pain. This is what I've been suffering from as well. There is a little known disorder call Fitz-Hugh-Curtis Syndrome. You can look it up on Wikipedia. My doc told me its normally caused from a bacterial infection, and leads to pain surrounding the liver. If a laproscopy is done, "violin-string-like" adhesions will be found. The first treatment is antibiotics. However, I've been on so many antibiotics lately, my doc and I knew I didn't have the infection anymore. However, the pain can persist. I know it's not any "cure" or treatment, but I know sometimes having a name for what you're feeling or just having more info. to take to doctors is important.

The doctor also did a pelvic exam and she said I was suffering from vaginismus. Basically, my vaginal muscles are very tight...this can be caused by a number of things, including pelvic adhesions. It makes intercourse, and even inserting a tampon painful.  So, she is recommending physical therapy. Yup...for down there! I'm quite embarrassed and hesitant but she told me that I'm not the only person that goes through this and that the therapist (female, thank god!) is very good and makes you feel very comfortable. The goal is to relax the muscles and will lead to a substantial decrease in pain, and that I can actually enjoy intercourse again! WoHoo! I'll be happy to wear a tampon!

Finally, she warned me about getting pregnant. The adhesions in my pelvis put me at a very high risk for an etopic pregnancy. The adhesions are all over my fallopian tubes and causing blockage, therefore the chances of an egg being fertilized there is very high. She said I probably can't get pregnant because of the adhesions, but if I do, more than likely it would be etopic. I don't know if this is the case for any of you, but for those that are new to "adhesion land" it may be good info. to have and, again, take to doctors.

I have found that it is good to do your own research before you see doctors. I actually printed off information and took it into my visit. She was perfectly fine with it :-). She also cool with me taking notes, she drew diagrams for me and allowed me to take those, as well. She thinks adhesions and the pain associated with them are VERY REAL. She put me on amitriptyline for pain, and is going to check in with me after two physical therapy appts.

I would also encourage everyone, if insurance/income allows, to see a psychologist or therapist of some sort. I'm not saying anybody is "crazy" but I think having someone to talk to about what we're going through is sooo important. Of course, sites like this certainly help, as well!

Now that I've written another book...I'm off to get some rest. For once, I have a glimmer of hope that my quality of life will improve.

Wishing you all the best, and the least amount of pain,


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History: Appendectomy 3 days post rupture 2004 laparatomy: May 2007

Its been about a year since my last lap, and the pain is horrible right now! I went to a local dr in central washington who specializes in ob/gyn and she won't operate on me, she thinks it would make it worse and that she might cut a bowel accidently because the last time they were fused to my abdominal wall.

I'm looking for ANYTHING besides pain management.  I don't want to be medicated, and my system doesn't tolerate anti-depressants.  I am currently on a non narcotic pain reliever 4 times per day, but I know this isn't a long term option.

Please, if you have a similar story and found some relief, share it with me.  I don't know where to turn.

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