Re: Effects of abdominal scarring/adhesions on pregnancy.

Tue Aug 5 11:33:34 2008

Kat, I had pre-term larbor from 5mos. on, from my adhesions and my uterus started to tear so I was on bed rest the rest of the pregnancy. I delivered at 32 weeks a baby girl who had some complications but you wouldn't know it today she's a beautiful, healthy, happy 18 year old. Good Luck. Kathi

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I would also like to know the answer to this. I had a laproscopic surgery following a car accident, and then two years later developed bowel blockage as the result of abdominal adhesion, and had a second emergency surgery. That was one year ago. I am thinking of trying to become pregnant in the next year or two, and wonder how my scarring will effect my pregnancy, and vice versa.

At Tue, 13 Jan 2004, Kat wrote: >
>Hi, I don't know if anybody can help me. I had abdominal surgery 2
>years ago, following the discovery that my baby (at 27 weeks gestation)
>was not in my uterus, but in my abdominal cavity.
>The placenta was attached to my stomach, bowels etc... and was left
>there to be reabsorbed by my body which should take around 5 years or so
>we THINK!
>I am now 18 weeks pregnant and have heard from someone that after
>extensive abdominal surgery, (did not have uterine surgery) that the
>scar tissue and adhesions can cause early labour in following
>I haven't discussed it with my consultant yet as I am not seeing him
>until the end of this month.
>Does anyone have any idea or information about this? Very grateful for
>any info.
>Thank you

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