Re: adhesion diet?

Sat Aug 2 01:49:39 2008

Following are my suggestions from about 25 years experience with adhesions: drink lots of water, always have it with you and drink, drink, drink.

When adhesions are acting up, keep the food soft and easy to digest. Whether it's soup in the winter or yogurt and ice cream in the summer, keep the food soft.

Bread can cause back up of food. If you do indulge in veggies (I do) make sure you drink a lot of water after to make sure it moves through your digestive track.

Keep meat to a minimum as it takes a long time to digest. Pasta isn't too bad; feels good on the stomach, but don't eat too much that it binds.

NEVER EAT POPCORN if feeling adhesions are messing with your bowels, intestines or stomach. I can say that because I've learned the hard way. If I do eat it at all, keep the serving very small and follow by water again. Coffee has been pretty good, but go easy if you have GERDS or acid reflux. Coffee does promote bowel activity. Tea or anything warm is good.

Eggs are good. Coddled (?) eggs are great when you're really sick (that's milk, egg and butter mixed together and microwaved).

I drink Slimfast. I pop it in the freezer about an hour before my lunch and it tastes great, like a milkshake.

Pretzels are one of my favorite comfort foods. I do eat fruits, just not too fibrous and again, if I do, I drink a lot of water. Watermelon is a good source of fluids and not too hard to digest. So are peaches, pears, nectarines, etc.

Chocolate is my other comfort food. Don't think it causes too many problems and always makes you feel better!

We eat omlettes or eggs with fried potatoes and onions for dinner occasionally. That's always a good meal when I'm suffering (usually starving but afraid to eat).

I only drink milk occasionally, but because I don't care for it too much. It also goes down pretty good. So does cottage cheese.

Stay away from fast food hamburgers. They almost always make me sick. Too heavy of food to digest. Usually sits like a rock in my stomach. I do eat it occassionally, but only when I'm feeling good.

My best advice if you haven't noticed is fluids. Fluids aid in digestion and I always have a water bottle with me at all times.

Hope this helps,

Caryn R

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> Subject: Adhesion diet?
> I was recently hospitalized with a small bowel obstruction due to
> adhesions. I've had 4 abdominal surgeries. The latest was done by a
> very good GYN Oncologist/surgeon and he told me that my stomach is a
> mess of adhesions and said "no more abdominal surgeries". I've been
> reading some of the postings and this doctor's advice seems prudent. So
> I was wondering what I can do to possibly reduce my chances of a SBO
> happening again, even though they told me it probably would. Are there
> any diet suggestions? I know corn on the cobb was a real mistake, the
> pain was terrible. If I can lessen the pain with diet, I would prefer
> that. I will go to a Pain Management Specialist if necessary.
> Any thoughts will be appreciated
> --
> Thanks
> Roberta
> Prescott,AZ

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