Dr's in Washington or Oregon

From: Bre (briannasapp@yahoo.com)
Fri Aug 1 21:15:37 2008

History: Appendectomy 3 days post rupture 2004 laparatomy: May 2007

Its been about a year since my last lap, and the pain is horrible right now! I went to a local dr in central washington who specializes in ob/gyn and she won't operate on me, she thinks it would make it worse and that she might cut a bowel accidently because the last time they were fused to my abdominal wall.

I'm looking for ANYTHING besides pain management. I don't want to be medicated, and my system doesn't tolerate anti-depressants. I am currently on a non narcotic pain reliever 4 times per day, but I know this isn't a long term option.

Please, if you have a similar story and found some relief, share it with me. I don't know where to turn.

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