You're Definitely NOT alone with this adhesion situation, etc - .... ( Nasty surgery prep, HELP!)

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my name is Jack and I'm a bit leery of commenting or writing. not sure if this is a female-only forum. I hope not, for here I am!  and this happens to men and women alike. obviously mine didn't come from hysterectomy or issues like that.... but from my gallbladder.  That is what started the mess.   I lost 60 pounds - looked like a skeleton and STILL the er doctors and all doctors said it 'was in my head' or my top favorite when they have no clue - 'it's anxiety'.   well my anxiety ruptured - I mean my gallbladder ruptured, 'ate up' my throat, intestines, etc etc.   after they opened my entire abdominal cavity, the pain eased off for a little bit until BAM! - the scar tissue (I guess?) began adhering to the intestines, somewhere else that stops the diaphragm from expanding properly, giving me the hysterical feeling that I can't take a deep breath or a decent breath which NOW Does kick off anxiety attacks. so I guess they were right, weren't they.  sort of.  not at all really, but you get my point.   and still! after all their diagnostic errors, they say since Ativan helps, that shows now I only have anxiety. but truly, I can feel it when my right lung - not the left lung - weird, I know -- but the right lung can't expand enough to give me a full breath at times, and only Ativan helps me with this. not valium, not any other anxiety medication. and only 2mg - 1 mg does nothing helpful. must be 2.   so we are our best advocates.  it's a shame most doctors get power trips and resent us telling them which medicines work best on us. I had one just Monday spend literally an hour plus, searching for a medication other than Ativan and other than the 15 or so I have tried just because I told him what meds I need. (was in for pain, and for some reason the pain shots always agitate the breathing issue.   my point here - is you are definitely in good company here, and most definitely not alone. I wish you well with the upcoming barrier-surgery. I was thinking that might be good for me as well. hope you will come back and let us know how you're doing afterwards.   may all go well - and you be well. -jack  

[admin note: Jack, the IAS forum is for men and women who deal with adhesions and ARD. Thank you for taking time to drop us a message and share your story. ]

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Have you asked the doctor if he could subscribed you compazine or phenergan for the nausea? The do come in a suppository also but I don't think that would help if your doing a bowel prep. Also use babywipes to keep clean gentle ones and vaseline can help. I always end up vomiting too. I have called the doctor and they told me not to drink the rest. If your not producing anything but clear liquids, they said I didn't need to drink the rest, thank god. Hope this helps. Just remember your not alone. Kathi

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