I would like some information

From: Kim (k_heep@bellsouth.net)
Fri Aug 1 21:03:58 2008

Hello, My name is Kim and I am in Western Kentucky. I have lived in Adhesion hell for 9 years now. My story began with a Hysterectomy due to Endometriosis.

Up until this year I had seen the same doctor for many years now, so then I guess he figured he could no longer help and decided to "pass me off" and now I am lost. I have been to so many doctors begging for someone to help me and no one wants to touch me due to the adhesions or they dont know what is wrong with me. (I am sure you know the story) What I would like to know is if anyone knows any doctors in the Louisville, Ky, Nashville, TN, Indianapolis, In areas they could suggest to me.

I would just like to see a doctor that actually knows I am NOT a medical mystery and there are other people out there like me because they themselves have seen them!

Thanks in advance, Kim

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