Spraygel Hope

From: Debbie Baranes (dlbaranes44@yahoo.com)
Mon May 26 14:20:38 2008

I just wanted to first say thank you to all the people who repled to my posting.Since my last post I have been back to Dr. Secken and back to my surgeon who did my last surgery, I have also been in touch with the capps coordinator in Florida. I had a small bowel series and it came out negative thank God for that, no obstruction at this time.Since last Monday I have been waking up with such pain in my back I cant move It hurts to breath, sit, walk. I have to reach for my pain medication before I can get ouy of bed, then I roll over and drop my feet to the floor.Since I also have buldging disc in my lower back im not sure if thats the problem since my GP seems to think buldging disc do not cause pain.Well if they dont cause pain then why did I get approval for selective nerve blockers, I hope it works, I am schedualled to get these June 11.I am also waiting for approval to have an entrapped nerve from a hernia repair in may of 2007.Dr secken is not in a hurry to go looking around for adhesions since my last surgery was Jan 31 2008.My last visit he asked me to come back in 2 months.I honestly am happy with that decision the thought of more surgery scares me and even though I need surgery to repair the entrapped nerve I honestly dont want that either.I am so afraid it will just cause more adhesions and I dont want anymore I think I already have enough I am so tiered of being in pain. I dont want to live like this any more, so I guess I have to have it done to relieve the pain I have in my groin, leg, and hip Maybe tonight I will try sleeping standing up so I wont have a problem getting out of bed tomorrow.The more informed I get about ARD the more mad I get that there isnt enough being done to help treat it,prevent it and make others aware of the problem.When I was first told I had adhesions the doctor didnt make a big deal out of it so niether did I.I had never heard of adhesions and wasnt aware of the problems they caused. I have 2 daughters and I would hate for them to suffer from this also, I cant give up even though sometimes the pain is so bad I want to. I think its time I get more envolved with making the public more aware of ARD. Something more needs to be done in getting us the people who suffer with ARD help.I heard from someone who just came back from Germany, that had the spray gel,she has had surgery again since to remove a sick gallbladder, and the Doctor was happy to tell her no adhesions. So I will end with this bit of hope. Debbie

Hi is there anyone out there who can direct me to a doctor on long island I
had a surgery january 31, 2008 I am back in pain again and this time I am
more aware that this is a serious problem and I dont want to live this way
any more either Debbie

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