Re: Suggestions for Relief of Adhesion Pain

Mon May 26 14:19:25 2008

Hi, I too am new tot his site and suffer from severed adhesion pain. What I was looking for was not only an idea for pain relief but also confirmation that this pain is real, that it is severe, and even though some people don't understand how one day I can be ok and the next either in the ER or totally wiped out on the couch, that there truly is a problem. I was even at the Mayo Clinic last August to try to resolve this, however apparently there is "no cure." I just had to take yet another sick leave from work for and undetermined amount of time. Work doesn't understand, some of the office staff at the doctor's see me on a good day and I guess they take it as my pain is not as severe as I say. I have tried several ways of trying to treat this from multi surgeries, healthy lifestyle, vitamins, minerals etc etc., narcotics, exercising. Everthing I research I give it a try within reason. To no avail. I am a "regular" at the ER. I get very down, depressed even because I'm exhausted from trying to help myself. Then I think I pitiful because i know people with cancer who do better than me and that I just need to "suck it up." I am glad you have found some relief and hope you continue to do so. I too have children and a husband. Thanks for your input.

>Hi, I'm new to this site but have read enough where I see the cry for
>help and relief. I'd like to share some of the things I'm doing or am
>planning on doing in the hope that it will help someone.
>First of all, if you need to take any kind of narcotic pain relief, long
>term, please do your body (and your mind) a favor and take a stool
>softener. That was the first thing my doctor recommended after my
>surgery. I take an OTC product called Colase. This is a very expensive
>medication but at least Meijer makes a brand comparable for about 1/3
>the price of the name brand, and it works JUST AS WELL. I take one of
>these per day and have not had a bit of a problem.
>Secondly, I am experiencing a lot of back pain lately and all I can come
>up with is the fact that these little buggers attached to everything, so
>they probably attach to nerves, too, which probably travel outside the
>abdominal area and into the back, since it's pretty close. I use a
>heating pad constantly on my back and sometimes a cold gel pack and find
>great relief with both. If I'm planning on swimming or doing any kind
>of exercise (which a lot of time exaccerbates my pain, especially
>vacuuming), I take Motrin first (anti-inflammatory).
>Third, my doctor recommended (no more than) 400 mg of Vitamin E. This I
>take by mouth and the idea is that it softens the adhesions and makes
>them more pliable and when that happens, hopefully = less pain!
>Apparently, Vitamin E is not water soluable so you have to be very
>careful to NOT take more than one per day!
>Last, one more thing that I've heard of is a product called Zostrix, I
>think it's actually peppermint oil, and you apply it to the site(s) of
>your pain The idea is to rub a very thin coat on your skin, making sure
>you put it where you will not sweat because that will just make it wipe
>right off and it won't be effective. Apparently, you can get this at
>the pharmacy. I'm planning on trying that very soon and I'll do a
>response to this thread and let you know how it works.
>I'm not recommending anyone do any of this stuff without checking with
>their doctors, especially the medication suggestions but it's sure worth
>a try! Ok everything with your doc first, though, please!

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