Pain Medication

From: Deborah Goldberger (
Mon May 26 14:18:25 2008

I am currently taking 120 mg Oxycontin and 105 mg of Oxycodone per day (and that's just the narcotics). I know that there is no "right amount" but I was wondering if that seems high, low or about even to what some of you have taken or are taking? Even with these meds, I'm still in a lot of pain but when I explain that to my pain doc he pretty much just ignores me and he will not even seem to consider increasing it. In fact, he was decreasing it for awhile until I spoke to him about it and was able to convince him to leave the dosage alone. In spite of this issue, I do feel like he is trying to look out for my best interests and maybe increasing them any more would be dangerous or useless (I don't know as he never answers my question of why not). Can anyone give me an idea of whether this is a particularly high level and whether I should fight harder for an increase? When they were at a higher level previously, with a different pain doc, it was the only thing that helped the pain at all. Thank you so much - I would be lost without all of your help! Debbie

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