Re: The pain is making me crazy

From: karen faal (
Sat May 17 21:01:22 2008

> Hi Lynda i have found that colonic hydrotherapy helps with the pain in my
bowel. i have had 6 so far and the therapist tld me that i still have a lot of waste to come away. I know that my bowel has not been emptying for several years, hence the build up. Hope you find this helpfull.



>Nineteen years ago I had a c-sect, and then another seventeen years ago,
>and ever since then I have had pain. Several years ago they removed my
>uterus due to adenomyosis, and then one ovary a year for the next two
>years. When they took the second ovary out (I begged them to do it all
>at once) the scar tissue was so bad it took them an hour to get to my
>appendix. I woke up with an NG tube, and the doctors were afraid my
>bowels might never work properly because of the amount of manipulating
>they had to do to them to remove the adhesions. Since then, I have had
>three more surgeries--two for scar tissue and then one for a hernia I
>developed after the previous one. Now it's been two years, and I just
>had my gallbladder out in January. I have pain so severe in my lower
>left side of my groin, across my lower back, and down both legs. The
>pain is crippling most days, and just walking a few feet is a big deal.
>I lost my job because I hadn't been there long enough when I needed the
>gallbladder surgery, so now I am without insurance. I am 43, and feel
>older then my 82 year old grandmother. I am so depressed because I
>can't do things. This is ridiculous. I try heat, and ice, and motrin,
>and even xanax the doctor gave me before I lost my insurance for stress.
>Nothing provides relief. No one believes me. They all think it's my
>weight, but I have been working on that, and I am losing. I can't stand
>the pain of sex, and it ruins me for days after I attempt it. So,I
>don't want it, which is causing problems in my marriage. I have been
>dealing for over six months, but now it's constant and I can't take it
>anymore. I am seriously getting to the point I would rather die then
>live like this. I need help and don't know what to do. Bowel movements
>are painful, and the stools are not normal, and sometimes it takes me a
>long time to empty my bladder, when other times I can barely make it to
>the bathroom. I don't know how far adhesions can spread...can they rap
>around the muscles and bones too? Can they be messing with my back and
>causing the severe leg pain? Anyone, please, I need advice, help,

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