Pain increasing

From: Lynda (
Wed Apr 23 23:27:08 2008

After so many surgeries for medical issues, then adhesions, hernias and a Meckel's, the adhesions must be back full force. I am in constant severe and sharp pain in my lower right pelvic area and radiating down my legs and across my lower back. It's gotten continually worse over the past two weeks, and is really beginning to affect my bowels and bladder. No insurance because I lost my job in January while out for gallbladder surgery (not enough time in for FMLA--short 80 hours), so I don't know what to do. Started running slight fever yesterday, and heating pad isn't helping at all anymore. I also have a lipoma in my abdomen, and have been told I possibly have another small hernia. So scared, so alone, because people don't understand what they don't see. I just don't know what to do.

Thank you,
Lynda  (43yr old female)
New Jersey

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