Re: Help i've been in /out of the hospital because of adhesions

From: Jackie (
Fri Apr 4 19:46:44 2008

At Fri, 28 Mar 2008, Con wrote: >
>I don't want to go thrugh surgery, ive been in/out of the hospital
>because of partial obstruction caused by adhesions. Would Lactulose
>help me?

Good Morning! If you don't mind, what was obstructed? What state are you in?

I too am in and out of the hospital, with these dreadful adhesions. I always have trouble with my ureter on the right side getting obstructed and my right kidney swells up. I have that problem now, (hydronephrosis) and am scheduled for surgery soon. I have found a Dr. who will use a new gas,(a lot less painful after the procedure to expell) and he is able to get rid of the adhesions through 3 or 4 small holes in the abdomen. I had gone two years without needing any surgeries!

Jackie in Orlando, FL

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