bowel and pelvic adhesions

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Rachel, Unfortunately here in the US, most docs feel the same.  If they keep going in, it only causes more adhesions...and while we would all rather have even a few months without pain, they can't understand unless they've felt what we feel.  I did the pain mgmt route for 2 years.  It was 2 years of hell.  I was so drugged up that, yea sure...I didn't feel nor care much about the pain, but I also didn't care about life either.  I did nothing with my children or husband, I became severely depressed and all I did was sleep.  So, I quit all the meds, started a rehab program physically to force me to move my body that also sufferes from fibromyalgia.  Its tough some days...I don't think I'll make it, but I do.  I have some tramadol which is a very light pain reliever that believe me in no way makes it all better, but it does make it tolerable when I need it to be. Its frustrating, but the problem with the pain meds is it slows up the bowels more which would lead to more obstruction.  THat's not a risk I'm willing to take.  I've had over 20 obstructions that required surgery already, and countless partials that took hospital stays and ng tubes to clear...believe me, I dont want surgery ever again unless my life is in danger.

My last surgery was in May 2006 for a major obstruction that came only 6 months after a previous re-section/obstruction.  I've had two minor procedures since then for other abdominal issues, but my doc used SEPRAFILM this time around and so far it works great.  PRAISE GOD, it's almost 2 years!  Tha'ts NEVER happened for me before...but scary, you almost wait for the other shoe to drop.

Try to hang in there, but I've done and not done it all...and moving does feel better..its just a matter of getting started. Good  luck honey...I'll pray for you.   jeanne  

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