Re: pain relief

From: Heidi (
Fri Mar 28 20:19:01 2008

I agree! Pain can be somewhat eased with non invasive procedures I've been in physical therapy for 3 months for post PID adhesions, as well as visceral massage. Both have helped me to live, to sleep, to be active again.

Some days are better than others!


At Thu, 26 May 2005, mary wrote: > >after three abdominal surgeries including a >small bowel obstruction and suffering many years >with adhesion pain I may have found some relief >with an inversion table which seems to help stretch >the adhesions out, also a low residue diet and 30-45 >min everyday on an elliptical machine in conjunction >with the inversion table - the pain is controlled, i >am also going to try visceral massage-i don't >believe there is nothing we can do and i will cont >to fight the pain and not give in to it keep the >faith, mary

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