Dr. Redan

From: Sherry (queennwv@aol.com)
Mon Mar 24 18:41:19 2008

As I have posted before Dr. Redan has done my lsat 2 surgeries and in my opinion, he's the most knowledgeable doctor regarding adhesions & related problems. I've had 9 surgeries, the last resort, but neccessary due to my frequent bowel obstructions. I,ve had 2 bowel resections and really have to watch what I eat, I also have interstitial cystitis which narrows down the foods & drinks even further. I don't want to wait for a full blown obstruction before I seek medical attention as I feel like I have at least some control over the situation. The last partial small bowel obstruction I had, I went to my local emergency room, I know my body and had experienced many before, the er basically said I must be constipated and sent me home, I didn't even get pain medicine! I was livid, humiliated, and very sick. That was when I headed to Floridas Celebration Health. Dr. Redan has been my hero for years. Good luck to all & by the way, my husband filed a complaint against the er doc, I hope it goes in his records, but more importantly when someone with a history of abdominal surgeries & adhesions come to the er in pain, he'll think twice about letting them go home. Sherry

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