Adhesions again

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Mon Mar 24 18:39:57 2008

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Dalene,   Sorry to hear what you're going through.  Same here.  Been complaining to my docs since last they see the blockage and dilation just below the duodenum and I can't get solid food past without vomiting.  Been on pain meds and liquids/smoosh for 6 weeks now.  Having the fluid that's built up drained on Thursday but now they want me to do a special endoscopy where I swallow a micro-camera that will take pics every second over 8 hrs.  The problem is that it can get stuck where the obstruction is, leading to immediate surgery.  The docs think it's a good thing cause it will show them right where the problems are.  I am trying to see it their way...but the pain, nausea and lack of food are getting to me. Hang in there.  I'll post when I have results.   jeanne  

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