Abdominal adhesion problems

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i have had at least 25 surgeries, with 10 of them being in the last 2 years...all my surgeons are in salt lake city.  10 hour drive, so with bowel obstructions i get flown to slc via medical airplane. i am pretty much down to drinking boost and low fiber ensure to survive.  when i do eat i hurt and at leas once a month have to go to the hospital for ng tubes and decom-pression.  makes it hard to work full time...im a nurse...lol!  so if i stick to liquids i do better but i love food and love to cook.  its a cruel joke. but im better overall than i was 2 years ago so for that im thankful.  it is helpful to talk to others as there are NO support groups in the area for this.   thanks

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> Dear Julie:
> I have only had one surgery to resect my colon. I nearly died from the
peritonitis I developed as a result of the ruptured colon which went undiagnosed for 7 hours while I waited in the ER. I have avoided having any adhesions removed because I am absolutely scared to go under the knife again. >
> -Valerie
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