Re: myofascial release therapy

From: Chele (
Mon Mar 3 19:00:31 2008

Dear Dagmar,

My physical therapy consisted mostly of deep massage therapy on my abdomin and pelvic areas. Eventually doing excerizes on my own to strengthen my stomach muscles. The reason I like and would recommend a physical therapist is because of their medical training but you could talk to a deep massage therapist who may know about this as well. However I feel it is important to tell you there is no proof this works except for my own experience. This technique is normally done on other areas of the body so my PT's had only done this a fw times before with people like me. However they had all been to seminars that discussed this approach and how it works. Also I feel strongly that you want someone who knows where your internal organs are before they begin working on you. I am not medical professional so what I know is from reading and my own personal experience. I really suggest getting alot of information before you allow someone to work on you. Also my doctor gave me a script so it was covered by my issurance minus a co-pay. This may be something you can discuss with your doctor too.

Again because this technique is not normally done abdominally it may be why you are not have much luck. When you spoke to a PT did you explain what was happening to you? I would try asking about deep massage therapy to help with adhesions and see if they know anything about that. Another thought would be to print out the iformation from the web about Myofacial release and see if you can have a consultation with a PT who may willing to look into it.

This was not extremely painful for me but as I have read many of the stories I feel I may be one of the lucky ones with this condition. I still suffer with bloating and may other issues but the pain is mostly gone. I realized last year pain really makes everything else so much more difficult that once you begin controlling the pain that is when the real healing can take place.

I hope you will keep me informed as I am still trying to learn about what is happening to my body now that I have managed the pain.

I wish the best.


At Mon, 25 Feb 2008, Dagmar Schramm wrote: > >Dear Chele, >I read your message with great interest. I also had several adhesion >surgeries and every time it got worse afterwards. Even though I have >another appointment for yet another adhesiolysis I don't feel >ecomfortable about going through with it. I am very open for >alternatives and I liked what you wrote about myofascial release >therapy. I am German and live in Germany, so it is difficult to find a >therapy center that deals with this specific therapy. So far, nobody >was able to help me, I went through 4 osteopaths and countless physical >therapists. Could you please explain how your therapist went about this >therapy? What exactly did they do? Nobody seems to have any experience >here, but maybe if I knew how they did it in your case I could search >for the right treatment. >I appreciate your help and hope you are still doing well. >Greetings from Germany, >Dagmar

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