myofascial release therapy

From: Dagmar Schramm (
Mon Feb 25 17:14:44 2008

Dear Chele, I read your message with great interest. I also had several adhesion surgeries and every time it got worse afterwards. Even though I have another appointment for yet another adhesiolysis I don't feel ecomfortable about going through with it. I am very open for alternatives and I liked what you wrote about myofascial release therapy. I am German and live in Germany, so it is difficult to find a therapy center that deals with this specific therapy. So far, nobody was able to help me, I went through 4 osteopaths and countless physical therapists. Could you please explain how your therapist went about this therapy? What exactly did they do? Nobody seems to have any experience here, but maybe if I knew how they did it in your case I could search for the right treatment. I appreciate your help and hope you are still doing well. Greetings from Germany, Dagmar

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